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Here you can find all the released changes to Rye. If you want to also see the in-development changes that were not released yet, refer to the file in the repository.


Released on 2024-07-20.

  • Fix verify-ssl option parsing by @taki-d in
  • Emit warning when asked to build a virtual project by @nazq in
  • Add short version -d for rye remove --dev by @nikhilweee in
  • Remove redundant alias information from CLI by @piotrgredowski in
  • Update bundled uv version to v0.2.27 by @github-actions in
  • Update Python releases to include 3.12.4 by @github-actions in
  • Respect .python-version in Rye builds by @charliermarsh in
  • Update bundled Ruff version to v0.5.4 by @charliermarsh in


Released on 2024-07-07.

  • Upgrade pyyaml to v6.0.1 by @charliermarsh in
  • Pass keyring-provider to uv sync and install by @emarsden-iso in
  • Add docs hint for packages on multiple indexes by @dennisrall in
  • Pass universal flag down to uv by @lbowenwest in
  • Use musl build for ARM Linux by @charliermarsh in
  • Bump uv to 0.2.22 by @charliermarsh in
  • Upgrade twine to v5.1.1 by @charliermarsh in


Released on 2024-06-24.

  • Enforce --pre when auto-syncing by @charliermarsh in
  • Move from to by @charliermarsh in
  • Fix install instructions on for mac/linux by @timothycrosley in
  • Fix CLI deserialization of PowerShell (powershell) by @charliermarsh in
  • Add ability to specify option to generate hashes within pyproject.toml by @asmith26 in
  • Bump uv to 0.2.13 by @charliermarsh in
  • Improve config.toml error messages by @zys864 in


Released on 2024-05-20.

  • Add nushell completion support by @MilesCranmer in
  • Use uv in rye build when enabled by @bluss in
  • Add short version add -d for rye add --dev by @bluss in
  • Flip uv to the default Rye backend by @charliermarsh in
  • Fix Rye not using user-chosen toolchain as default during installation by @pjdon in
  • Add keyring support for uv by @emarsden-iso in
  • Allow to generate lockfiles with hashes when using uv by @mvaled in
  • Bump ruff to 0.4.4 by @davfsa in
  • Fix TOML array formatting by @my1e5 in
  • Bump uv to 0.1.44 by @charliermarsh in
  • Discover cosmo-ified (.com) binaries on Windows by @mataha in
  • Write use-uv = true in no-prompt mode by @charliermarsh in


Released on 2024-04-24.

  • Ensure files created by rye init, such as pyproject.toml and initial python files end with a newline. #979

  • Add --refresh argument on -f. #994

  • Preserve trailing newline in templates. #979

  • Update uv to 0.1.37. #980

  • Allow comments in .python-version. #1038

  • Update Python releases to include 3.12.3 et al. #1022


Released on 2024-03-29

  • Update uv to 0.1.26. #924

  • Always create .gitignore file in rye init. #919

  • Prevent rye fetch --force from removing a target directory that is not a Python installation. #921

  • rye list always prints the currently installed packages even this project is not managed by Rye. #940

  • Fix error on using -v or -q with rye fmt or rye lint. #959

  • Fix rye fetch detection of registered toolchain. #931

  • Ignore build-system configuration for virtual projects. #929


Released on 2024-03-22

  • Update uv to 0.1.23. #916

  • Allow rye publish working outside of project. #910

  • rye test --quiet no longer implies --no-capture. #915

  • Rye now can be used to fetch Python installations even when not using Rye and build infos are no longer included by default. This means that rather than having interpreters at ~/.rye/py/[email protected]/install/bin/python3 it will now reside at ~/.rye/py/[email protected]/bin/python3. #917

  • Installer now recommends uv over pip-tools. #918


Released on 2024-03-19

  • Update uv to 0.1.21. #884, #890, #904

  • Fix incorrect flag passing of rye test -q and -v. #880

  • Rye now loads .env files. This applies both for Rye's own use of environment variables but also to scripts launched via run. #894

  • Fix rye add m --path ./m causing a panic on windows. #897


Released on 2024-03-11

  • Updated to uv 0.1.17. #850, #867

  • Trap panics and silence bad pipe errors. #862

  • Updating rye will now also ensure that the self-venv is updated. Previously this was deferred until the next sync. #863

  • The self update command now accepts --branch. #864

  • Fixed an issue that caused pip-tools to not update. #865

  • Updates build and certifi. #866


Released on 2024-03-07

  • --skip-existing is now available with Rye's publish command. #831

  • Bumped uv to 0.1.15. #760, #820, #837

  • Bumped ruff to 0.3.0. #821

  • The init command now generates a script with the name of the project rather than hello. #801

  • Retain markers when adding dependencies with features when uv is used. #807

  • Fixed a bug that caused repeated syncs not to recall all previous options. #830

  • Report self-python version in --version. #843

  • Fixes a bug where rye config would not create the RYE_HOME folder if needed. #844

  • rye add now retains version and URL for the requirements when uv is used. #846

  • Added a rye test command which invokes pytest. #847


Released on 2024-02-26

  • rye now uses uv to bootstrap its internal packages and tools. #754

  • rye no longer fails if an incorrect VIRTUAL_ENV environment variable is exported. #766

  • Added latest Python builds. #771

  • When uv is used the prompt is now set to the project name. #773

  • Allow rye fetch --force to force re-fetch a downloaded toolchain. #778

  • Fixed a panic when adding a package to a virtual project. #783

  • Bumped uv to 0.1.11. #790


Released on 2024-02-23

  • init now supports --script and --lib to generate a script or library project. #738

  • Fixed rye config --show-path abort with an error. #706

  • Bumped uv to 0.1.9. #719, #740, #746

  • Bumped ruff to 0.2.2. #700

  • Prevent rye toolchain remove from removing the currently active toolchain. #693

  • Sync latest PyPy releases. #683

  • Fixes an issue where when uv is enabled, add did not honor custom sources. #720

  • When uv is enabled, rye will now automatically sync on add and remove. #677

  • Rename rye tools list flags: -i, --include-scripts to -s, --include-scripts and -v, --version-show to -v, --include-version. #722


Released on 2024-02-19

  • Improved the error message if config is invoked without arguments. #660

  • Bump uv to 0.1.5. #665, #675, #698

  • When uv is enabled, rye add now uses uv instead of unearth internally. #667

  • The installer now has slightly better wording for what the shims are doing. #669

  • uv can now also be enabled on windows. #675

  • Removed the unsupported and un-used arch parameter from fetch. #681

  • Fixed the -q parameter not working for the init command. #686

  • rye tools list shows broken tools if the toolchain was removed. #692

  • Configure the ruff cache directory to be located within the workspace root. #689

  • Use default toolchain to install tools. #666

  • rye --version now shows if uv is enabled. #699


Released on 2024-02-15

  • Added new rye list command and deprecated rye show --installed-deps which it replaces. #656

  • Added experimental support for uv. #657


Released on 2024-02-13

  • When behavior.venv-mark-sync-ignore is set to false and the file system does not support extended attributes, no longer will a warning be printed. #633

  • Fixed a bug that caused warnings about unsupported operations to be shown on Linux. #634

  • The venv sync marker is now only updated when a new virtualenv is created. #638

  • Lockfiles now contain annotations. #643


Released on 2024-02-09

  • Virtual envs managed by Rye will now by default be marked to not sync to known cloud storage systems (Dropbox and iCloud). #589

  • Fixed a bug where pip-tools sometimes did not get initialized. #596

  • Rye now prefers installed toolchains over newer latest toolchains unless a precise pin is used. #598

  • Removed the non functional shell command. #602

  • Upgraded internal unearth dependency which resolved an issue where rye add tensorflow would not work. #614

  • The installer now supports RYE_TOOLCHAIN_VERSION. #606

  • rye init will no longer create packages with leading digits. #616

  • Rye now statically links vcruntime on Windows which no longer requires the vs redist to be installed. #622

  • rye show now prints out which sources are configured for a project. #631


Released on 2024-02-03

  • rye fetch now is able to fetch impliciit version in all cases. Previously global shims were not properly defaulted which required the user to be explicit with the fetch request. #574

  • The rye installer now prompts for the default toolchain version if global shims are enabled. #576

  • The internal Python version was bumped to 3.12. #576

  • The installer now can automatically add Rye to PATH on most UNIX environments. #580


Released on 2024-02-01

  • Improved the error message when an update could not be performed because files are in use. #550

  • Rye now supports virtual projects. These are themselves not installed into the virtualenv but their dependencies are. #551

  • Update the Python internals (python external dependencies) to new versions. #553

  • Update to newer versions of pip tools. For Python 3.7 6.14.0 is used, for new Python versions 7.3.0 is used. #554

  • Added rye fmt and rye lint commands to format and lint with the help of Ruff. #555

  • Restore cursor state on Ctrl-C. This fixes some issues where in rare cases the cursor would disappear even after shutting down rye. #564

  • Upon installation Rye now prompts if global shims should be enabled. #566

  • Add a warning about bugs to the shell command until the behavior has been fixed. #567


Released on 2024-01-21

  • Improved the behavior of rye fetch. When invoked without arguments it will now try to fetch the version of the requested Python interpreter. Specifically this combining pin and fetch work in a much simplified manner. #545

  • Fixed an issue where rye init would pin a much too specific version in the .python-version file that is generated. #545

  • On Windows the PATH is now automatically adjusted on install and uninstall. This means that manually adding the rye folder to the search path is no longer necessary. #483

  • Fixed a regression in 0.18 that caused the add command to fail. #547


Released on 2024-01-20

  • Incorporate new Python builds. #535

  • Disable revocation checks on windows to support corporate MITM proxies. #537

  • Detect when a virtualenv relocates and automatically re-create it on sync. #538

  • Added lock --with-sources, sync --with-sources and the new rye.tool.lock-with-sources config. Passing this will ensure that source references are included in the lock files. #540

  • When using global python shims, the .python-version file is now correctly picked up in all cases. #541

  • Added a helpful message if someone attempts to run the non existing rye list command. At a later point there should be a real listing command that can print out the dependencies. Today the only option is the --installed-deps option on the show command which spits out dependencies in the format of the lockfile. #543

  • The installer will no longer attempt to symlink targets which are not valid executables on the platform. This works around some issues with Packages that would prevent to install such as #542


Released on 2024-01-15

  • Fixed default generated script reference. #527

  • Correctly fall back to home folder if HOME is unset. #533


Released on 2023-12-17

  • By default a script with the name of the project is now also configured. #519

  • Rye now configures hatchling better in rye init so that it works with hatchling 1.19 and later. #521

  • Rye now detects the dummy Python shim that starts the windows store and refuses to consider it. #486


Released on 2023-10-04

  • Fixed the updater not replacing the python shim correctly on Linux.


Released on 2023-10-03

  • Fixed the updater not replacing the python3 shim correctly.


Released on 2023-10-03

  • Added support for Python 3.12. #462


Released on 2023-10-01

  • Add support for fetching alternative CPU architectures. #447

  • The order of git submodule initialization was changed. This improves the automatic author detection when includeIf is used. #443

  • The linux shim installer code will no longer fall back to symlinks when a hardlink cannot be created. This is done as a symlinked shim will not ever function correctly on Linux. This prevents the shim executables like python to instead act as if they are rye. The fallback behavior is now to copy the executable instead. #441

  • The installer now detects fish and will spit out additional instructions for configuring the shell.

  • Fix the wrong behavior when bump version. #454


Released on 2023-08-29

  • Add a python3 shim on windows. Previously entering python3 in the command line would always bring up the windows store python proxy even when global shims were enabled. As virtualenvs do not support the python3 executable on windows, the internal shim handling is now also changed so that trying to launch python3 will fall back to python. This makes it possible to run maturin build.

  • Add maturin build command to start a new maturin PyO3 project.


Released on 2023-08-27

  • Improve handling of the pth files for TCL on pypy. #409

  • The rye tools list command now accepts -v to also print out the versions of the installed tools. #396

  • Fixed parsing of versions by rye version. #397

  • Improved the help message for rye init. #401

  • The email address now defaults to a syntactically valid email address if not known to prevent errors with some build tools.

  • Added new Python versions.

  • The rye installer now detects NOEXEC temporary folders and prints out a more helpful error message. #394

  • Fixed an issue where the author email was incorrectly detected. #382

  • The prompt of new virtualenvs is now set to the project name. #383


Released on 2023-07-18

  • Added new Python versions.

  • Added a new config key to configure the default author that should be set. This overrides the default author that is normally loaded from the git config. #377

  • When importing with rye init and no src folder exists, it will not be created. #375

  • Added support for shell command on Windows. #363

  • Pin down pip to an older version to avoid issues with an incompatible pip-tools version. This does not yet update pip-tools to 7.0 as there are significant regressions in 7.x. #374

  • The version command can show dynamic versions now. #355

  • rye add now properly checks some incompatible argument combinations. #347

  • There is now more toolchain validation. This better supports cases where rye was interrupted during sync. #351


Released on 2023-07-07

  • Fixed a bug with rye init not operating correctly due to a argument conflict. #346

  • Scripts now support a PDM style call script type. #345

  • The init command is now capable of importing existing projects. #265

  • Fixed the global shim behavior on Windows. #344


Released on 2023-06-21

  • The internal Rye Python version is now 3.11.

  • Rye now emits most messages, most of the time to stdout rather than stderr. #342

  • rye add now accepts --pin to let one override the type of pin to use. #341

  • Added rye config to read and manipulate the config.toml file. #339

  • Added support for the new flag which turns on global Python shimming. When enabled then the python shim works even outside of Rye managed projects. Additionally the shim (when run outside of Rye managed projects) supports a special first parameter +VERSION which requests a specific version of Python (eg: python +3.8 to request Python 3.8). #336

  • Renamed the config key default.dependency_operator to default.dependency-operator and behavior.force_rye_managed to behavior.force-rye-managed. #338


Released on 2023-06-18

  • Rye for now prefers >= over ~= for newly added dependencies.

  • The workspace member declaration is now platform independent. If members is now explicitly set to an empty list it will not fall back to auto discovery. #331

  • rye add now pins versions with == instead of ~= when the version of the package does not use at least two components. This means that for instance it will now correctly use openai-whisper==20230314 rather than openai-whisper~=20230314 which is not actually satisfiable. #328

  • rye install now lets you install dependencies into the tool's virtualenv during installation that are undeclared via the new --extra-requirement option. #326

  • Improved handling of relative path installations by setting PROJECT_ROOT the same way as PDM does. #321

  • Workspaces will now never discover pyproject.toml files in any dot directories. (Name starting with .) #329

  • Fixed rye build not working correctly on Windows. #327


Released on 2023-06-12

  • rye sync and rye lock now accept --pyproject. #296

  • Added JSON output to rye toolchain list by adding --format=json. #306

  • rye version can bump version by --bump option now. #298

  • Fixed members not handled correctly in workspaces. #300

  • Add --clean for build command. #297

  • Fixed an issue where pip was not invoked from the right working directory causing issues for workspace installations. #292

  • rye init now accepts --private to set the Private :: Do Not Upload classifier that prevents uploads to PyPI. #291


Released on 2023-06-03

  • Add version subcommand for rye. #285

  • Fixed rye pin pinning the wrong version. #288

  • Calling rye init on the root directory no longer fails. #274

  • rye run, show, pin, shell and build now take a --pyproject argument. #232


Released on 2023-05-31

  • Rye will no longer enforce a downloaded interpreter for the internal toolchain. If one has been registered that is compatible it will be used. Additionally the installer now supports the RYE_TOOLCHAIN environment variable which allows a user to supply an already existing Python interpreter at install time. #267

  • The publish command now supports --yes to disable prompts. #270

  • When a Python debug build (Py_DEBUG) is registered as custom toolchain, -dbg is automatically appended to the name by default. #269

  • lto+pgo builds are now preferred for the Python toolchain builds when available. #268

  • It's now possible for .python-version to request partial Python versions in which case the latest available is used. In particular this means that a version like 3.10 can be written into .python-version rather than 3.10.11. This can be accomplished by invoking pin with the new --relaxed flag. #255

  • Workspaces will no longer discover pyproject.toml files in virtualenvs or .git folders. #266

  • Adding or removing dependencies with add or remove now reformats the dependencies array in the pyproject.toml file to multi-line with trailing commas. This should result in significantly better diffing behavior out of the box. #263

  • Default build-system and license can be specified in global config. #244

  • Fixed an issue where the init command would not let you create flit based projects. #254

  • Resolve an error ("No such file or directory") shown after updates on Linux machines. #252

  • The built-in updater now validates checksums of updates when updates have SHA-256 hashes available. #253

  • init now accepts --no-pin to not create a .python-version file. #247


Released on 2023-05-29

  • Releases starting with 0.4.0 onwards are published with SHA256 checksum files for all release assets. These files are not yet validated by the installer or updater however.

  • The install command can now install tools from custom indexes. #240

  • Virtualenvs on Unix are now created with a hack to pre-configure TCL and TKinter. #233

  • Fix invalid version error when using rye init with custom toolchain. #234

  • Failed tool installations now properly clean up. #225

  • Correctly swap the rye executable on windows when performing an update to a git version via self update.


Released on 2023-05-27

  • Support retrieving username and repository-url from credentials if not provided for the publish command. #217

  • The installer now validates the availability of shared libraries on Linux with ldd and emits an error with additional information if necessary shared libraries are missing. #220

  • It's now possible to configure http and https proxies. #215

  • If a package is not found because it only has matching pre-releases, a warning is now printed to tell the user to pass --pre. #218

  • Add --username parameter for rye publish. #211

  • The shims are now more resilient. Previously a pyproject.toml file caused in all cases a virtualenv to be created. Now this will only happen when the rye.tool.managed flag is set to true. The old behavior can be forced via the global config. #212


Released on 2023-05-23

  • Resolved a bug where on Windows hitting the shift key (or some other keys) in confirm prompts would cause an error.

  • The installer on Windows now warns if symlinks are not enabled and directs the user to enable developer mode. The --version output now also shows if symlinks are available. #205

  • Support auto fix requires-python when there is a conflict. #160

  • Added support for custom indexes. #199

  • rye add no longer complains when a local version information is in the version. #199


Released on 2023-05-22

  • Fixed dev-dependencies not being installed when using workspace. #170

  • init no longer creates invalid flit config. #195

  • Support direct references when adding a package. #158

  • Fixed a bug with uninstall on Unix platforms. #197


Released on 2023-05-18

  • The installer on windows will now ask for a key to be pressed so it does not close the window without information. #183

  • Fixed an issue on macOS where the installer would die with "os error 24" when directly piped to bash. #184


Released on 2023-05-17

  • Rye now comes with binary releases for some platforms.

  • A new self uninstall command was added to uninstall rye and the new self update command updates to the latest release version.

  • Rye now includes a publish command for publishing Python packages to a package repository. #86

  • Script declarations in pyproject.toml now permit chaining and custom environment variables. #153

  • Added tools install and tools uninstall as aliases for install and uninstall and added tools list to show all installed tools.

  • Rye is now capable of downloading a selected set of PyPy releases. To do so use rye pin [email protected] or any other supported PyPy release.

  • Custom cpython toolchains are now registered just as cpython rather than custom-cpython.

  • Rye now supports Python down to 3.7.

  • Rye's self command now includes a completion subcommand to generate a completion script for your shell.

  • The downloaded Python distributions are now validated against the SHA-256 hashes.

  • Rye now builds on windows. This is even more experimental though than support for Linux and macOS.

  • Added --features and --all-features for lock and sync.

  • Rye will now look at the RYE_HOME to determine the location of the .rye folder. If it's not set, $HOME/.rye is used as before.

  • Rye now has a most consistent handling for virtualenv versions. If .python-version is provided, that version is used. Otherwise if requires-python is set in the pyproject.toml, that version is used instead. When a new project is created the .python-version file is written and the current latest cpython version is picked.

  • It's now possible to explicitly set the name of the project when initializing a new one.

  • Rye's init command now attempts to initialize projects with git and will automatically create a src/project_name/ file.

  • Rye can now also generate a license text when initializing projects.

  • Rye now supports negative (exclusion) dependencies. These can be used to prevent a dependency from installing, even if something else in the graph depends on it. Use rye add --exclude package-name to add such a dependency.

  • sync now accepts --no-lock to prevent updating the lock file.

  • Rye's add command now accepts a --pre parameter to include pre-release.

  • Rye's pin command now updates the pyproject.toml requires-python.

  • Rye's install command now accepts a --include-dep parameter to include scripts from one or more given dependencies.

  • Rye now honors requires-python in the add command. This means the the initial resolution will not pick a version higher than what's supported by the lower boundary.

  • When installing packages as global tools, a warning is now emitted if there were no scripts in the package. Additionally installing packages from local paths and zip files is now supported.

  • A rye self update command was added to compile and install the latest version via cargo.

  • Added more convenient ways to install from git/urls by supplying a --git or --url parameter. This will behind the scenes format a PEP 508 requirement string.

  • Added a shell command which will spawn a shell with the virtualenv activated.

  • Added a make-req command to conveniently format out PEP 508 requirement strings from parts.

  • The internal virtualenv used to manage pip-tools and other libraries now automatically updates when necessary.

  • rye toolchain register can now be used to register a local python installation as toolchain with rye.

  • rye build was added to allow building sdist and bdist_wheel distributions.

  • Rye now correctly handles whitespace in folder names.