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new in 0.20.0

Run the linter on the project. This command is aliased to check. At the moment this always runs ruff in lint mode.

For more information about how to configure Ruff, have a look at the Ruff Configuration Documentation.


Run the linter:

$ rye lint
src/myproject/ F401 [*] `sys` imported but unused
Found 1 error.
[*] 1 fixable with the `--fix` option.

For issues that can be auto fixed pass --fix:

$ rye lint --fix
Found 1 error (1 fixed, 0 remaining).

To pass extra arguments:

$ rye lint -- --watch

Lint a specific file:

rye lint src/


  • [PATHS]... List of files or directories to lint. If not supplied all files are linted.

  • [EXTRA_ARGS]... Extra arguments to the linter.

    These arguments are forwarded directly to the underlying linter (currently always ruff). Note that extra arguments must be separated from other arguments with the -- marker.


  • -a, --all: Lint all packages in the workspace

  • -p, --package <PACKAGE>: Format a specific package

  • --pyproject <PYPROJECT_TOML>: Use this pyproject.toml file

  • --fix: Automatically fix fixable issues

  • -v, --verbose: Enables verbose diagnostics

  • -q, --quiet: Turns off all output

  • -h, --help: Print help (see a summary with '-h')