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Pins a Python version to this project.

This will update the .python-version to point to the provided version. Additionally it will update requires-python in the pyproject.toml if it's lower than the current version. This can be disabled by passing --no-update-requires-python.

Which toolchain Rye prefers depends on the Rye version. From 0.22 onwards the latest compatible installed toolchain is picked, and only if a non existing one is found a download will be attempted. For older versions Rye will always attempt to download the latest available if it's not installed yet unless a precise pin is selected.


Pin a specific version of Python:

$ rye pin 3.9
pinned 3.9.18 in /Users/username/my-project

To issue a relaxed and not a specific pin use --relaxed:

$ rye pin 3.9 --relaxed
pinned 3.9 in /Users/username/my-project


  • <VERSION>: The version of Python to pin

    This can be a short version (3.9) or a full one ([email protected]).


  • --relaxed: Issue a relaxed pin

  • --no-update-requires-python: Prevent updating requires-python in the pyproject.toml

  • --pyproject <PYPROJECT_TOML>: Use this pyproject.toml file

  • -h, --help: Print help (see a summary with '-h')