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Updates the lockfiles and installs the dependencies into the virtualenv.

For more information see Syncing and Locking.


Sync the project:

$ rye sync
Reusing already existing virtualenv
Generating production lockfile: /Users/username/my-project/requirements.lock
Generating dev lockfile: /Users/username/my-project/requirements-dev.lock
Installing dependencies

To sync without updating the lock file use --no-lock:

$ rye sync --no-lock

If you do not want dev dependencies to be installed use --no-dev:

$ rye sync --no-dev

To exit the sub shell run exit.


no arguments


  • -f, --force: Force the virtualenv to be re-created

  • --no-dev: Do not install dev dependencies

  • --no-lock: Do not update the lockfile.

  • --update <UPDATE>: Update a specific package

  • --update-all: Update all packages to the latest

  • --pre: Update to pre-release versions

  • --features <FEATURES>: Extras/features to enable when locking the workspace

  • --all-features: Enables all features

  • --generate-hashes: Set to true to lock with hashes in the lockfile

  • --with-sources: Set to true to lock with sources in the lockfile

  • --pyproject <PYPROJECT_TOML>: Use this pyproject.toml file

  • -v, --verbose: Enables verbose diagnostics

  • -q, --quiet: Turns off all output

  • -h, --help: Print help (see a summary with '-h')