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Publish packages to a package repository. This publishes the packages which are produced by the build command.

For more information see Building and Publishing.


Build and publish:

$ rye build
$ rye publish

Publish a specific artifact:

$ rye publish dist/example-0.1.0.tar.gz


  • [DIST]...: The distribution files to upload to the repository (defaults to <workspace-root>/dist/*)


  • -r, --repository <REPOSITORY>: The repository to publish to [default: pypi]

  • --repository-url <REPOSITORY_URL>: The repository url to publish to

  • -u, --username <USERNAME>: The username to authenticate to the repository with

  • --token <TOKEN>: An access token used for the upload

  • --sign: Sign files to upload using GPG

  • -i, --identity <IDENTITY>: GPG identity used to sign files

  • --cert <CERT>: Path to alternate CA bundle

  • --skip-existing: Skip files already published (repository must support this feature)

  • -y, --yes: Skip prompts

  • -v, --verbose: Enables verbose diagnostics

  • -q, --quiet: Turns off all output

  • -h, --help: Print help (see a summary with '-h')