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Reads or modifies the global config.toml file.

The config file can be read via --get and it can be set with one of the set options (--set, --set-int, --set-bool, or --unset). Each of the set operations takes a key=value pair. All of these can be supplied multiple times.


This command turns on global shims:

rye config --set-bool

Reads the currently set config value for global Python shims:

$ rye config --get

Show the path to the config:

$ rye config --show-path


no arguments


  • --get <GET>: Reads a config key

  • --set <SET>: Sets a config key to a string

  • --set-int <SET_INT>: Sets a config key to an integer

  • --set-bool <SET_BOOL>: Sets a config key to a bool

  • --unset <UNSET>: Remove a config key

  • --show-path: Print the path to the config

  • --format <FORMAT>: Request parseable output format rather than lines

    [possible values: json]

  • -h, --help: Print help (see a summary with '-h')