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Rye supports global tool installations. This for instance allows you to install tools like black or ruff globally.

Installing Tools

Use the rye tools install (aliased to rye install) command to install a tool globally with a shim:

rye install ruff

Afterwards the tool is installed into ~/.rye/tools/ruff and the necessary shims are placed in ~/.rye/shims.

changed in 0.4.0

The install command now considers custom sources configured in the config.toml file. For more information see Dependency Sources.

Extra Requirements

Some tools do not declare all of their dependencies since they might be optional. In some cases these can be declared by passing extra features to the installer:

rye install black --features colorama

If dependencies are not at all specified, then they can be provided with --extra-requirement. This is particularly sometimes necessary if the tool uses pkg_resources (part of setuptools) but forgets to declare that dependency:

rye install gradio --extra-requirement setuptools

Listing Tools

If you want to see which tools are installed, you can use rye tools list:

rye tools list

To also see which scripts those tools provide, also pass --include-scripts

rye tools list --include-scripts

Uninstalling Tools

To uninstall a tool again, use rye tools uninstall (aliased to rye uninstall):

rye uninstall black