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Rye is still a very experimental tool, but this guide is here to help you get started. Before we dive into the installation and basic usage guide it's important for you to understand what Rye actually is.

Rye is a one-stop-shop tool. The idea is that as a Python developer all you need to know is Rye, because Rye is your start into the experience. As a Rye user you do not even need to install Python yourself as Rye does this for you. This means to use Rye, you just need to install Rye, the rest is done by Rye itself.

Once Rye is on your system, it can automatically install Python interpreters for you, install packages from package indexes, manage virtualenvs behind the scenes and more.

Interested? Then head over to Installation to learn about how to get Rye onto your system. Once that is done, read the Basics to learn about how Rye can be used.