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PyPy is supported as alternative Python distribution. Like the portable CPython builds it's downloaded automatically. The name for PyPy distributions is pypy.


PyPy has some limitations compared to regular Python builds when it comes to working with Rye. Most specifically PyPy uses some internal pypi dependencies and you might notice warnings show up when syching. PyPy also lags behind regular Python installations quite a bit these days so you likely need to target older Python packages.


PyPy builds are downloaded from


When you pin a Python version to [email protected] then Rye will automatically download the right version for you whenever it is needed. If a custom toolchain has already been registered with that name and version, that this is used instead. Note that the version refers to the PyPy CPython version.

That means for instance that PyPy 7.3.11 is identified as [email protected] as this is the Python version it provides. As PyPy also lacks builds for some CPU architectures, not all platforms might provide the right PyPy versions.