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Performs an update of rye.

This can install updates from the latest release binaries or trigger a manual compilation of Rye if Rust is installed.


Update to the latest version:

$ rye self update

Update (or downgrade) to a specific version:

$ rye self update --version 0.20

Compile a specific revision:

$ rye self update --rev 08910bc9b3b7c72a3d3ac694c4f3412259161477

Compile latest development version:

$ rye self update --branch main


no arguments


  • --version <VERSION>: Update to a specific version

  • --tag <TAG>: Update to a specific tag

  • --rev <REV>: Update to a specific git rev

  • --branch <BRANCH>: Update to a specific git branch

  • --force: Force reinstallation

  • -h, --help: Print help (see a summary with '-h')