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Building and Publishing

Rye currently uses build to build the package and uses twine to publish it.


By default, rye will build both the sdist and wheel targets in the dist directory. The command for this is called build.

rye build

You can use the --sdist or --wheel flag to build the specific target, or specify the output directory with --out.

rye build --wheel --out target

If you want to clean the build directory before building, run:

rye build --clean


Rye will publish the distribution files under the dist directory to PyPI by default.

rye publish

You might be asked to input your access token and some other info if needed.

No access token found, generate one at:
Access token:

You can also specify the distribution files to be published:

rye publish dist/example-0.1.0.tar.gz


Rye supports publishing the package to a different repository by using the --repository and --repository-url flags. For example, to publish to the test PyPI repository:

rye publish --repository testpypi --repository-url


You can optionally set the --yes flag to skip the confirmation prompt. This can be useful for CI/CD pipelines.

rye publish --token <your_token> --yes

Rye will store your repository info in $HOME/.rye/credentials for future use.


You can use --skip-existing to skip any distribution files that have already been published to the repository. Note that some repositories may not support this feature.